Selected Projects

Wildes Wendland

TV Documentary – Klaus Weißmann/Wilma Kock

(Doclights 2024)

© Klaus Weißmann/Doclights 2024

This nature documentary by Klaus Weißmann and Wilma Kock takes us to the German Wendland: a region where rural idylls still exist. It shows an old cultivated land in which wild animals, nature conservation and traditional country life still play an important role today.


The film's title song is in "polabisch", a very early and centuries-extinct form of the German language, once spoken by the Wends, after whom the Wendland is named.


TV Series – Nico Zavelberg/Irina Popow

( 2023)

© ZDF/ 2023

German crime series with exciting new cases and a modern, electronic soundtrack.

Joint production with my wonderful colleagues Anna-Marlene Bicking, Christian Biegai and Kerim König.


TV Documentary – Boas Schwarz

(Altayfilm/Doclights 2023)

© Boas Schwarz/Altayfilm/Doclights 2023

Transylvania, Romania: There are more bears here than anywhere else in Europe. Over time, the animals have learned to adapt to their human environment. Every year the number of incidents increases and coexistence becomes increasingly dangerous, both for humans and bears.

This documentary follows a mother bear and her three cubs.


TV Documentary – Rosie Koch/Roland Gockel

(Doclights/Nona Naturdocx 2022)

© Roland Gockel/Doclights/Naturdocx 2022

Once, there were Rhinos living on almost every continent. Today, the prehistoric giants are on the edge of extinction.

The filmmakers Rosie Koch & Roland Gockel show touching footage of a small Ugandan white rhino family – consisting of the pregnant rhino mother Malaika and her two-year-old son Elias. The film accompanies the endangered animals and shows the birth of a rhino calf in the wild for the first time ever. An event that will change a lot in the life of little Elias.


Award Winner: German Wildlife Film Award 2023

Award Winner: Deutscher Naturfilmpreis 2023

Award Winner: Mangrove Leave Award 2023


Nominee: Greenscreen Int. Wildlife Film Festival 2023

Nominee: Lonely Wolf Int. Film Festival 2023

Nominee: S.O.F.A. Film Festival 2023

Nominee: Festival International du Film Ornithologique 2023

Nominee: Festival International Nature Namur 2023


TV Movie – Bernd Böhlich

(mafilm 2022)

© Florian Soest/mafilm 2022

Horst Krause picks up a little child on the wintry road in Brandenburg and brings her back to the children's home in the neighbouring town. This sets off a series of events that bring quite a lot of new guests to Schönhorst during Advent season.


A special part of the soundtrack is the song "Make This House a Home" that I wrote for the film, beautifully performed by our main child actress Luca Marie Lenkewitz.


Thriller (short) – Max Benyo

(Die Filmschaffenden im Norden e.V. 2021)

© Die Filmschaffenden im Norden e.V.

Hamburg 1923. While a storm is bringing the city to it's knees, a man roams the streets, driven by his greatest longing - love. He finds it in a hospital, injured and paralyzed. But his longing remains unfulfilled. The pain is followed by deeds, the deeds are followed by wounds that never will heal.


The soundtrack combines modern, sinister electronic soundscapes with old school film scoring elements, providing a disturbing atmosphere for this intense thriller.



Best Short Film (Paris Film Awards)
Best Short Film (Florence Film Awards)
Best Thriller (New York Movie Awards)
Finalist (City Film Festival Stockholm)


TV Documentary – Alexander Sommer

(Doclights 2020)

© Alexander Sommer/Philipp Klein 2020

Lynxes, European minks, gophers and terrapins are among the rarest animals in the world. Thanks to several resettlement projects, these species are now about to make their comeback in German nature. The film accompanies individuals of these species on their way back to their original habitats.


Each of the animal protagonists has their own leitmotif in the soundtrack. The music itself is a colorful mix of orchestra, choir, synthesizers, and rather unusual "instruments" such as typewriter, computer mouse and biro.


Best Newcomer (Green Screen Festival)


TV Documentary – Henry M. Mix

(Altayfilm 2020)

© Altayfilm 2020

Great Bustards (Großtrappen) are among the heaviest flying birds on our planet. 30 years ago, those outstandingly impressive animals were on the very edge of extinction: in Brandenburg (Germany), only 50 individuals were left in the early 90s, when a group of scientists and conservationists joined their forces in a common rescue project. Their tireless commitment is proving: extinction can be stopped.


The score consists of numerous layered guitar recordings in many different styles (picking, strumming, bowed, bottle-neck), combined with rather unusual instruments such as throat singers and celesta. This special combination of musical colours creates a mystical wild-west-feel, staging those amazing animals in the vast landscape of Brandenburg.


Deutscher Naturfilmpreis 2021 (Darßer Naturfilmfestival)


TV Movie – Bernd Böhlich

(mafilm 2020)

© Florian Soest/mafilm 2020

The only reliable constant is change. An inconvenient truth, which also Horst Krause has to face in the 8th episode of the well-known and popular German movie series.

The music (score and songs) is handmade in large part and was great fun to produce. Catchy melodies and modern scoring elements coalesce into special themes for special characters.
(Fun fact: I have a short guest appearance in the movie)


TV documentary – Jan Haft

(nautilusfilm 2020)

© Jan Haft/nautilusfilm 2020

43 min. documentary about nature in and around the Königsee (Berchtesgadener Alpen, Bavaria, Germany). Also referred to as the "Bavarian Fjord", the 190m deep Königssee is one of the cleanest lakes in Germany.

The electronic soundtrack (a collaboration with Dominik Eulberg) is vivid, versatile and utterly pure, just as the lake itself.


Cinema documentary – Jan Haft

(nautilusfilm 2021)

© Jan Haft/nautilusfilm 2020

95 min. documentary (cinema) about the different natural habitats in Germany, from the alps in the south to the seas in the north. This journey through nature is built around breathtaking shots and stunning time-lapse sequences, revealing the beautiful secrets of our flora and fauna.

The soundtrack (a collaboration with Dominik Eulberg) has a clear emphasis on electronic elements and may well be my most electronic score so far. Even though nature and electronic music may seem contradictory, the pulse of both worlds allows music and picture to merge with one another most beautifully.


Cinema drama – Bernd Böhlich

(mafilm 2018)

© mm-filmpresse 2018

104 min. drama (cinema) by Bernd Böhlich.
DDR 1952 - After years of political imprisonment in Workuta, Soviet Union, being wrongfully accused by her own political comrades, communist Antonia Berger is finally allowed to come back home. However, the price she has to pay for her freedom is not to tell anyone about the awful experiences of her recent past…
The piano-based soundtrack is inspired by highly romantic piano compositions and tied closely to the protagonist. It captures the tensions evolving from the huge relief of being released from prison on the one hand, and the new political enforcements awaiting Antonia back in the DDR on the other.


Cinema documentary – Jan Haft

(nautilusfilm 2019)

© nautilusfilm 2018

93 min. documentary (cinema) by Jan Haft about the impressive diversity of life in our meadows, exploring countless seriuously endangered animals, plants and other barely visible miracles.

The soundtrack is an atmospheric composition of orchestra and choir (composed and produced in close collaboration with Dominik Eulberg), thoroughly mixed with electronical textures and driving synthesizers that emerge more and more throughout the movie.


The vocal solo part in "Quo abiit" has been sung by myself and Lili Haft. The meaning of the Latin lyrics:

"Where has the beauty of meadows dissapeared to?
The meadows I so much loved to play in.

Full of rich diversity,

Full of flowers and animals.

Where has the beauty of meadows dissapeared to?"


TV documentary – Jan Haft

(nautilusfilm 2018)

© nautilusfilm 2018

45 min. documentary by Jan Haft, presenting Iceland's flora and fauna with numerous outstanding shots.
The electronic aesthetics of the score (composed and produced by me and Dominik Eulberg) merge with the stunning pictures of volcanos und glaciers into an all around impressive documentary.
Listen to the complete Soundtrack and the sounds of Iceland (Ambiance Mix):


documentary – Leonard Hollmann

(Filmuniversität Babelsberg/Hollmann Produktion 2017)

© Filmuniversität Babelsberg/

90 min. multi award-winning documentary on an innovative horse therapy concept for soldiers suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD/PTBS).
The minimalistic Soundtrack embodies strength, progress, intimacy, graveness and a feel of breathing - one of the most important aspects of the innovative therapeutic approach.


drama – Jonas Walter

(Filmuniversität Babelsberg/MDR 2017)

© Jonas Walter 2017

30 min. short drama – a group of teenagers are celebrating their graduation, when things are suddenly getting out of hand.
The electronic techno score is completey diegetic and subtly supports the movie's dramaturgy, seemingly by coincidence.