Selected Projects


documentary – Max Benyo

(Filmuniversität Babelsberg 2020)

63 min. documentary by Max Benyo.
Silvia Sempeyu belongs to the Maasai tribe. She and her five children are living in a wooden hut, close to frontier between Tanzania and Kenya.
Despite a number of heavy personal strokes of fate, Silvia has made it her mission to fight for the rights of Maasai women in her region. This fight for equality between men and women clearly collides with the traditions of her tribe, and evokes aggressive reactions among men – and women. Not least she had to fear for her life and that of her children.



drama – Bernd Böhlich

(mafilm 2018)

© mm-filmpresse 2018

104 min. drama by Bernd Böhlich.
DDR 1952 - After years of political imprisonment in Workuta, Soviet Union, being wrongfully accused by her own political comrades, communist Antonia Berger is finally allowed to come back home. However, the price she has to pay for her freedom is not to tell anyone about the awful experiences of her recent past…
The piano-based soundtrack is inspired by highly romantic piano compositions and tied closely to the protagonist. It captures the tensions evolving from the huge relief of being released from prison on the one hand, and the new political enforcements awaiting Antonia back in the DDR on the other.


documentary – Jan Haft

(Nautilusfilm 2019)

© nautilusfilm 2018

93 min. documentary by Jan Haft about the impressive diversity of life in our meadows, exploring countless seriuously endangered animals, plants and other barely visible miracles.

The soundtrack is an atmospheric composition of orchestra and choir, thoroughly mixed with electronical textures and driving synthesizers that emerge more and more throughout the movie.


The vocal solo part in "Quo abiit" has been sung by myself and Lili Haft. The meaning of the Latin lyrics:

"Where has the beauty of meadows dissapeared to?
The meadows I so much loved to play in.

Full of rich diversity,

Full of flowers and animals.

Where has the beauty of meadows dissapeared to?"


documentary – Leonard Hollmann

(Filmuniversität Babelsberg/Hollmann Produktion 2017)

© Filmuniversität Babelsberg/

90 min. multi award-winning documentary on an innovative horse therapy concept for soldiers suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD/PTBS).
The minimalistic Soundtrack embodies strength, progress, intimacy, graveness and a feel of breathing - one of the most important aspects of the innovative therapeutic approach.


documentary – Jan Haft

(Nautilusfilm 2018)

© nautilusfilm 2018

45 min. documentary by Jan Haft, presenting Iceland's flora and fauna with numerous outstanding shots.
The electronic aesthetic of the filmmusic merges with the stunning pictures of volcanos und glaciers into an all around impressive documentary.
Listen to the complete Soundtrack and the sounds of Iceland (Ambiance Mix):


radioplay – Max Benyo

(Lauscherlounge 2018)

© Lauscherlounge 2018

130 min. award-winning on location radioplay – 16 years old Tim rapes a girl under the influence of drugs on a party. Released from prison 4 years later, he is struggeling to find a way back to normal life.

The dark and subtle, yet energetic and emotional soundtrack takes up the violence and gloominess of the radioplay's story, integrating tinnitus sounds as part of the music arrangement and deeply connecting to the play's sound design.


drama – Jonas Walter

(Filmuniversität Babelsberg/MDR 2017)

© Jonas Walter 2017

30 min. short drama – a group of teenagers are celebrating their graduation, when things are suddenly getting out of hand.
The electronic techno score is completey diegetic and subtly supports the movie's dramaturgy, seemingly by coincidence.


online clip – Christopher Eder

(Die Zeit 2017)

© Valentin Selmke 2017

Online clip for the study "Das Vermächtnis" for the newspaper "Die Zeit".

Pop-Style music, turning into a dark counterpart.


comedy – Bernd Böhlich (2016)

© Marcus Lauterbach / Filmuniversität Babelsberg 2017

Short comedic chamber play.  A polite controversy between primary teacher Anton Milovic and over protective mother Sarah Knappen-berger tilts into a bizarre argument.

The tango soundtrack with Xylophone, Recorder (Blockflöte) and blackboard-chalk-percussion lines out, what the movie actually is: a school comedy.


drama – Tim K. von End (2015)

© Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg 2015

Short Drama – Clara, suffering under the breakup from her boyfriend, finds her own way to deal with the situation.

The noisy piano soundtrack picks up Clara's emotional confusion and internal unrest.